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Almost every person knows about burn because it is not any scientific term or name of disease. When skin burned due to fire, electicity or may be due to any chemical and radiaton, in result red mark appears on skin which is called burn. It is quite painful and sometimes the damage can go inside the upper layer of skin and may be more deep.

Symptoms Of Burn

The person who is burned have to bear pain.
Red mark will appear on burned part.
Healing time will be different according to the condition of burn.

Causes Of Burn

Burn is always caused by external source. Fire, flame, electricity, chemicals and radiation are all include in external sources.
Sometimes during work in kitchen, a person may accidently touch hot objects.
Burn has been classfied into four classes according to their condition.
If only epidermis ( upper layer of skin ) is affected then it would not be much harmful and such burn is medically known as first degree burn or superficial burn. This burn takes less time for healing.

If burn goes down to papillary dermis then it is known as second degree burn or superficial partial thickness.

If burn goes deeper than papillary dermis, such burn is called third degree burn or full thickness burn.
And the last situation could be worst, that burn reaches to bone or muscles. This burn is known as fourh degree burn.

When external source includes hot liquid, fire or flame for burn then it is known as Thermal burn. And when a burn is happen due to chemicals, it is called chemical burn. Research tells that Hydrofluoric acid can burn very deeply. The burns that are due to Electicity are known as Electrical burn and the burn which is due to radiations is called radiation burn.

Trying anti burn cream can give relief from all kinds of burn because it is a multi task cream.

Why it is useful ?
It includes herbs and natural ingredients, which proves quite helpful for burn.

How to use anti-burn cream ?
It is not difficult to use, just apply small amount on burned part.


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Burns Natural Creams

Burns Natural Creams

Burns Natural Creams

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