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A fruit that comes from herbal plant ( carum carvi ) and belongs to the family of Apiaceae or Umbelliferae is known as caraway seed, these seeds are of dark brown color. They usually cultivated in North Africa, western asia and europe. Meridian fennel and persian cumin are two other names of caraway.

Plant has thin leaves which look like threads and have a stem of 20 to 30cm. Umbels usually have white or pink flowers. In different regions people use different names for caraway. It belongs to species of C.carvi.

How they become able to use ?
Caraway seeds are small in size, so in mostly regions people harvest them in early hours to avoid spreading of seeds. Then they have to place the seeds under sunlight. When seeds get dry, then threshing procedure starts, and after threshing seeds become able to use.

They use in breads.
Use in savolry dishes, for example pulao, biryani, indian cuisine rice and also in european cuisine. 
People sprinkle them on salty scones.
Leaves of caraway can be used as herbs.
It add flavor to cheeses.
Their oil can be used as fragrance component.

Health benefits.
They are beneficial in folk medicines.
They contain minerals, vitamins, neutrients and anti-oxidants which are beneficial for health.

They are very helpful to prevent constipation.
They contain good percentage of fiber. 
They can give protection to colon mucus membrane from cancer.
They reduces the level of cholesterol.
They have many essential oils.

They contain anti-flatulent properties also.
Copper is essential in the production of red blood cells and caraway seeds provide sufficient amount of copper.

These seeds can protect from neurological diseases.
Our body can obtain iron, calcium, potassium and zinc from caraway spice.
People can use these seeds in daily diet, if they are lacking vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and many B-complex vitamin because caraway seeds can fulfil their need.

Cure herbals has a proper refinery system, and if you want natural extracts, you can take it from cure herbals.


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Cara Way Herbal oil

Cara Way Herbal oil

Cara Way Herbal oil

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