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Cal Trop Herbal Oil

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Cal Trop Herbal Oil

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It is the name of plant that can grow in moderate climates and bears a flower. Latin name of this herb is tribulus terrestris, General and english name is land caltrop and known as Gokharu in hindi language. Height of the plant is 60cm and bears flower from april to august.

 Caltrop belongs to creostote-bush family. Their propagation is quite difficult, Firstly seeds have to sow in a greenhouse in spring season, and when they become large enough and difficult to handle then pickling of seedlings starts and when the last expected frost gone, then seeds have to plant again. Their cultivation is also occur in dry open habitats. Tropical climate is good for their growth.

In Greece, it was used as a mood enhancer.
It has diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties.
It is famous that Bulgarians were users of caltrop to treat infertility.
Chinese use caltrop in their medicines.
Caltrop can use to treat headaches and flanks.
Caltrop is also effective in treatment of dizziness, pain in chest and vertigo.

Caltrop is important for libido because it is helpful in production of harmones.
Regular use of caltrop for one complete month can increase sperm count.
It improves stamina and strength.
Asian herb markets are famous for caltrop.
They are bitter in taste.

Whole plant can be used for different causes.
Research shows that if u eat caltrop, then you have to avoid eating tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and bell peppers because of their acidic nature.
If a person wants sound and deep sleep then caltrop is good for such cause.
It can treat blood pressure and Anemia.
Its natural extracts are refined purely in the refinery system of cure herbals and easily available on demand.


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Cal Trop Herbal Oil

Cal Trop Herbal Oil

Cal Trop Herbal Oil

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