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Henbane Herbal Oil

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Henbane Herbal Oil

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Hyoscyamus niger is a plant with extremely toxic properties and commonly known as henbane. Stinking nightshade and black henbane are other names of hyoscyamus niger. Plant belongs to a family of Solanaceae.

It is a toxic plant and strictly prohibited for eating purpose. Probable meaning of hen is death rather than chicken, although the exact origin of word is unknown yet. Hyoscyamine, scopolamine and many other tropane alkaloids are present in this plant.
With the suggestions of doctors or by taking precautions, herbane can taken by mouth but only for short time period. 
Vision disturbance.
Manic episodes.
Increased heart rate.
Urination problems.
Death can also occur.
Henbane is strictly prohibited if a person having fever.
If a person having narrow-angle glaucome, chemicals in henbone can make the condition worse.
Digestive disorders.
Can fatal to animals.

In many regions, it .is used in vines.
Fresh leaves, flowering tops and branches of plant are used for different purposes. 
People use this plant for many causes.
Some people use this for many skin applications with the addition of many other herbs.
Cure herbals are famous for pure extracts of henbane


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Henbane Herbal Oil

Henbane Herbal Oil

Henbane Herbal Oil

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