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Psoriasis Organics Cream

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Psoriasis is a skin disease, which occurs when immune system overacts, or attack the body itself. This problem prevails throughout the life.There are some steps that could be taken to control the symptoms.

In this disease, immune system mistakes a normal cell for a pathogen. As a result, overproduction of new cells occurs. It does not spread from one person to another. But this disease is linked to risk of stroke. If high blood lipid levels are controlled, the condition can be improved.

There are five types of Psoriasis:

  • Plaque
  • Guttate
  • Inverse
  • Pustular
  • Erythrodermic

psoriasis scalp Baby face and neck affected psoriasis psoriasis on forehead 

 Psoriasis scalp on hair          baby affected with psoriasis    psoriasis on forehead picture

psoriasis on foot fingers psoriasis infection on inner thies psoriasis on back shoulder picture

 Psoriasis on Foot fingers        Psoriasis on inner thighs        psoriasis onback shoulder

psoriasis on bikini area psoriasis on arm psoriasis on back picture

Psoriasis on bikini area                psoriasis on arm                      psoriasis on back 

psoriasis on female face  picture picture on psoriasis affected hand pictures of psoriasis on nail

 Psoriasis on Women Face        Psoriasis on hand picture        picture of psoriasis on nail 

pictures of psoriasis rash scalp forehead pictures on psoriasis affected breast psoriasis infection in hair  pictures 

 Psoriasis scalp in hair           psoriasis infected breast        ear back psoriasis rash

pictures of front forehead with psoriasis psoriasis rash on  men head teen legs with psoriasis rash
psoriasis on front of forehead   psoriasis on men head     Teen legs affected by psoriasis


The causes of the disease are known. There are two main hypotheses about the causes. First one is that it is primarily an excessive reproduction disorder in which the cells are overproduced. It is considered as a fault of epidermis and Keratinosytes. Second hypothesis says that it is due to overacting immune system. The overproduction is considered to be the secondary factor. There are T cells which, usually, help the body to fight against infection. They become active and migrate to the dermis. They initiate the release of Cytokines which cause the rapid production of cells.


Psoriasis covers small areas with rash. When it gets sever, red colored areas are appeared. The top of these rashes is loose, silvery and scaling skin. In severe cases, itching can also occur. It is uncomfortable condition for the sufferer. These patches cover larger area when they join together.

What can you do at home for psoriasis?

1)      Mositurize your skin

2)      Try to spend little time in sunlight.

3)      Gently soften and remove the crust. It will help the skin to absorb moisture.


Ingredients Of Cream 

Lavendar oil
Sesame oil
Olive oil
Mustard oil
Bees Wax
Extract of Eclipta Plant
Extract of Euphorbia Hirta
Extract of Butaefrondosa Tree
Extract of Senna Leaves
Extract of Fumitory Plant
Extract of Curcuma
Extract of Salicylic Acid
Fine Coal Tar


There is no complicated rule to use this product. You just need to wash your skin. If your skin is clean then just apply adequate amount of cream. It is highly effective because it is made by herbs. There is no specific timings to apply this cream. Choose the timings according to your own convince. But whatever timing you choose, just stick to it.



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Psoriasis Organics Cream

Psoriasis Organics Cream

Psoriasis Organics Cream

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