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Anti Psoriasis Tablets

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All Herbal and effective 

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Anti Psoriasis Herbal Supplements Ingredients Are

Swertia chirata, linn
Fumaria officinalis, linn
Tephrosia  purpurea
Sphaeranthus indicus, linn
Artemisia Vulgaris,  Lamk
zizyphus Vulgaris, Lamk
Terminalia chebula
Cassia absus, linn
Melia azadirachta, linn
Lycopodium clavatum
Melia azedarach
Berberis aristata DC, ext Base

What is Psoriasis?


Psoriasis is the skin condition that causes the skin to turn red, itchy and it starts to look red all over your body. The condition is long lasting and there has been no cure to it but there are treatments that help cure the problem now. The problem occurs because of overproduction of skin cells and it causes redness and itching. There are five different types of psoriasis but the most common one is plaque psoriasis. In this disease there are red or white colored spots seen on your body. This disease mostly affects the knees and elbow and can also affect other genitals.

Causes of psoriasis

The main reason to what makes psoriasis occur is not understood. There are however many hypothesis to the problem causes. Following are some of the causes of the problem.

  • over production of skin cells

  • Injury

  • Infection

  • smoking

  • a lot of alcohol consumption

  • assured medications

  • deficient of sunlight

  • anxiety

  • genetics

  • environments problems

Symptoms of psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis differ and every person can get their own signs for the disease. Following are some of the common signs that are seen.

  • Red scrap on skin

  • small spots in red color

  • itching

  • redness

  • dry skin that can bleed

  • puffy joints

  • thickened nails

  • burn or soreness


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Anti Psoriasis Tablets

Anti Psoriasis Tablets

All Herbal and effective 

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