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Anti Eczema Herbal Cream

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Anti-Eczema Herbal Cream is complete natural formula for all type of eczema.

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Eczema is the form of inflammation or dermatitis of the outer layer of skin, known as epidermis. The other name of Eczema is Atopic Dermatitis. Eczema is actually a broad term, used for different skin conditions.

Causes Of Eczema

No one is sure about the cause of Eczema but it is presumed that it is the combination of both environmental and genetic factors. According to the hygiene hypothesis, extraordinary clean environment is one of the reasons for eczema, asthma and other allergies. Reasonable exposure to bacteria is important during development. It is also said that eczema can also be caused due to allergy from house dust mites or the waste of human body.

Symptoms Of Eczema

There are multiple symptoms of eczema. Usually, redness and itching are common. Skin also gets swelled which is called Skin edema. Crusting and flaking can also occur. One may get blistering. Cracking is also one of the symptoms of Eczema. Some people also get oozing or bleeding. Temporary skin discoloration may also occur. It may be due to the healing process of injuries. Due to scratching, one may get scars or enlarged rashes.

You should call your doctor if:
You get a rash and eczema or asthma is in your family history.
The inflammation didn’t improve even after a week of using the cream. There is a possibility that you need more intense helpful.

You get yellowish to light brown crust or blisters having pus in them, over the existing patches of eczema. There may be bacterial infection that needs to be treated with antibiotic.
Your eczema flares up.
You get painful and fluid-full blisters

Anti Eczema Herbal Cream is prepared with useful natural ingredients.

Oil of Lavendar
Oil of Sesame
Extract of Butaefrondosa Tree
Oil of Olive
Oil of Mustard
Bees Wax
Extract of Eclipta Plant
Extract of Euphorbia Hirta
Extract of Senna Leaves
Extract of Fumitory Plant
Extract of Curcuma
Extract of Salicylic Acid
Fine Coal Tar


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Anti Eczema Herbal Cream

Anti Eczema Herbal Cream

Anti-Eczema Herbal Cream is complete natural formula for all type of eczema.

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