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Anti Vitiligo Oil 200 ml Official Seller


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Anti Vitiligo Oil 200 ml  Official Seller

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What is Vitiligo?

When skin of human being fails to mantain its colour and in result leaves white spots on skin, such disease is known as vitiligo. This disease is not for short period of time and cannot emmit in one or two days, instead it takes a long time and can spread from one part to another part of the skin in form of white spots. People of any age and gender can suffer vitiligo.

What Consequences a patient can bear ?

Its natural that any disease can take a patient towards losing a self confidence and if a disease appears on a patient's skin then chances of losing self confidence are high and indirectly it affects the personality of patient. Female patients try to make their skin tone even and wants to hide the white spots by applying make-up but mostly women fails to do so. Children also get affected due to vitiligo and as a result they may face difficulties while making friends.

Symptoms Of Vitiligo?

If a person feels that his or her liver is not working properly and lab test reports also recognise liver problem, then it can be taken as alarming sign of vitiligo. If a lab test report shows lacking of red or white blood cells then it can be assumed as a sign of vitiligo. Constant headache is also one of the symptom of vitiligo. And if a person clearly notice that he or she is continuously losing hairs, this situation can also take a person towards this disease.

Causes Of Vitiligo

A specific cell named as melanocytes is vital to mantain the skin tone even and if these cells stop performing their work, then skin pigmentation which is called melanin will also affect,so that skin protection process disturbs badly.

It is very important that immune system works efficiently, any disorder in immune system can be harmful for melanocytes and can cause vitiligo.

Sometimes during any experiment, if a chemical touch a person's skin then it may cause vitiligo.
This disease is also transferable through genes. 
Svere sunburn may cause this disease.
Some people try to self diagnose the disease, which may not a good approach. Dermatologist can give better advice in such situation.

To avoid vitiligo or to make patient's skin tone even,trying antivitiligo oil can give a patient release from vitiligo beacuse it is based on natural herbs and people with any age and gender can use it.

Natural Ingredients Are

Virgin Coconut oil

Psoralea Corylifolia

Black Cumin

Barberry Roots


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Anti Vitiligo Oil 200 ml  Official Seller

Anti Vitiligo Oil 200 ml Official Seller

Anti Vitiligo Oil 200 ml  Official Seller

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