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A fat obtained from olives known as olive oil. It is based on monounsaturated fatty acids. Fruit from which olive is obtained known as olea europaea.
In Asia Minor and in ancient Greece, olive trees are originated.
Olive oil consumption has been attributed by Mediterranean diet.

Use of olive oil in cooking make the food healthier.
Use of olive oil expand to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps, traditional lamps and in many more things.
Palmitic acid and stearic acid are present in olive oil ( both are saturated acids ).
Percentage of monounsaturated and poluynsaturated acids are also present in this oil.
Olives vary in flavor and texture.

Most of the production of olive oil held in spain and that is 43.8%.
In virgin olive oil, there is no addition of chemicals because oil purely extracted by mechanical methods.
Virgin olive oil has further types of extra virgin, ordinary virgin and lampante virgin.
In Lampante olive oil, it cannot be useful for human diet without refining.
After mechanical methods, when oil is refined such oil is known as refined olive oil and it is colourless and odourless. Refined olive oil is low in free fatty acids.
Extra virgin olive oil is known as best variety because it is better in quality and has 0.8% or more free acidity and it is good in taste.

Virgin olive oil known as lower quality olive oil as compare to extra virgin. But it is slightly lower and have 1.5% free acidity. It is also good in taste.


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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Cure Herbals Natural Olive Oil

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