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Yeast Infection Herbal Cream

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Yeast Infection Herbal Cream

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Yeast infection is a bacterium that lives in small forms in the vagina. An infection of yeast means that there are too many yeast cells growing in the vagina. It can get very difficult to deal because of the itching and swelling. The infection is very common but it can be dealt with easily. It can be a serious problem but the treatment is simple.

Causes of Yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection occurs when the yeast in the vagina increases to the amount of already present. Following are some of the causes of vaginal yeast infection.
vaginal injury
diabetes mellitus
oral contraceptives
use of vaginal hygiene perfume sprays

Symptoms of Yeast infection

The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection can be seen easily. The signs are very common. Following are some of the common symptoms of vaginal yeast infection.
soreness in vagina
burning sensation
thick, white clumpy discharge

How to Apply?

Just take a small amount of cream on your palm and apply it on the affected area. Leave that body area without wearing anything for at least 8-10 hours, so that the cream will not be removed . You will feel the magical difference very soon.


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Yeast Infection Herbal Cream

Yeast Infection Herbal Cream

Yeast Infection Herbal Cream

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