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Cure herbals formulated anti melasma herbal cream is 100 % effective  and have no side effects.

50 grms herbal cream for melasma.

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Melasma is a skin problem, which has also known as Chloasma faciei or marks of pregnancy when it is present in pregnant women.It is the discoloration of the skin. Melasma can affect anyone but it is more common is pregnant women or those taking oral or patch contraceptives medications. It is also common in women who are taking hormone replacement therapy.

Causes of melasma

Melasma has considered as the stimulation of melanocytes or pigment-producing cells. Women having light brown skin, living in regions where sun exposure is very intense, tend to develop this condition. Genetic predisposition is also a main factor. It determines whether a person will develop this condition or not. Melasma is more frequent in people having thyroid disease. It has considered that the excessive production of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) (due to stress) can cause this condition. Sometimes it is occurred due to allergic reaction to the cosmetics and medicines.

Symptoms of melasma

The symptom of Melasma is dark skin having irregular patches. They are demarcated hyperpigmented macules and usually found on the upper cheek, forehead, nose, lips and upper lip. They gradually develop with the passage of time. Other than cosmetic discoloration, there is no other symptom. In pre-menopausal women, Melasma is common.

Ingredients Of Cream 

Lavendar oil
Sesame oil
Olive oil
Mustard oil
Bees Wax
Extract of Eclipta Plant
Extract of Euphorbia Hirta
Extract of Butaefrondosa Tree
Extract of Senna Leaves
Extract of Fumitory Plant
Extract of Curcuma
Extract of Salicylic Acid
Fine Coal Tar

melasma skin spots like patches on chicks picture melasma affects  on young boy whole face picture melasma skin de pigmentation affects on men face picture

Melasma red spots on face     Melasma on forehead        Melasma brown spots on left chick

melasma affects on men ear melasma on women face pictures melasma skin spots like pragnency mask on skin pictures

Melasma patches on ear           Melasma on upper lips & face   Melasma on face

melasma affects on men beard area pictures melasma effects on women whole face pictures

Melasma on beard area        Melasma de pigmentation skin on whole face



Extremely satisfied with cure herbals melasma cream

thank you for your amazing product for my melasma happiness are on sky because my skin is melasma free :) wow

New York USA


good product

i m horrya from new york .my melesma started after I gave birth 9 years ago. I was not sure my melasma will be gone permanently 3 months ago I had started using this cure herbals permanent melasma removal cream just after a few days my melasma was just like going to fade and i was very happy because my skin was getting better day by day and no side affects.After 2 and half months my melasma total gone and my skin is melasma free and fresh like before melasma wonderful product Keep it up !!

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Melasma Cream

Melasma Cream

Cure herbals formulated anti melasma herbal cream is 100 % effective  and have no side effects.

50 grms herbal cream for melasma.

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